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Learn Pastry ART ONLINE!!
Oh My Cake (OMC) Online School


Real BOOM of flavors in one dessert! Melt in your mouth textures will create an irresistible desire for a second slice...or maybe a third?

 During this detailed lesson you will learn the European style of baking sponge, make fillings, assemble the cake and surprise your family and friends with 100% natural cake without any artificial food coloring. Absolutely unique and innovative way to make cakes.

Let's Go!


Video Class

Access to a detailed high-resolution video recipe of a cake making from start to finish.

Understanding of the recipe without blindly following.

Theory Guide

Baking theory PDF file included with each recipe. Study all important baking processes and how every ingredient affect the end result. 

Create Flavors

PDF file with Daria's tips on how to create your own unique flavors

Online Support

Chef's support through your baking journey and answering all questions before, during or after. 


Hi, my name is Daria! I created Oh My Cake with a goal of bringing the new light on a dessert culture. Finally, I've gathered all my knowledge and experience from hundreds of classes from celebrated European chefs, hours spending on the kitchen, and baking thousands of cakes and desserts. With a personalized attention to every student it is my mission to make sure you learn not only to follow recipes but to understand all the baking processes and be able to create your own unique cakes and desserts. Start with traditional cakes with unbelievable textures and fillings and move on to our modern mousse cakes and desserts class.  If you are starting from scratch or want to take your baking skill on a different level – my school is for you.

  • What level should I be to take classes?
    If you are a beginner or already experienced baker – our classes are meant for all skill levels! Step by step explanations and modern baking techniques will upgrade your skills or give an amazing head start for your baking journey!
  • Are classes live?
    All classes are pre-recorded for your convenience to make sure you are learning in your own pace. By purchasing a class you recive and access to all class materials which are not limited to video. All PDF files are downloadbale.
  • What equipment do I need?
    List of suggested equipment and tools are going to be available with every class. As well as list of suggested ingredients and recommendations where to buy them.
  • What If I still have questions after watching class and reading theory guide? Or while baking?
    Individual approach and support of the chef – just send direct message in the live chat and receive the response ASAP.
  • I am shy to ask questions because they might sound silly, what should I do?"
    Take everything you can from the classes. There are no questions that are not valuable especially when learning baking processes. Private direct chat with chef is available every day for all your questions and individual trouble shooting.
  • Why do we use metric system in the recipes?
    Metric system is the most accurat system of measuring. For the best outcome of a cake or a pastry it is extremely important to have all ingredients measured out to a T and grams are our best helpers in it. Low cost scales are always available to help you with metrics and it will definitely upgrade your baking level.
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