Mousse or Traditional Cake? How to choose and what's the differences.

Updated: Jan 24

When it comes to choosing a cake for a special occasion, or just for a friend gathering our patisserie is always here to help! We usually get a lot of questions about what is the difference between traditional and mousse cake, and which one is a better pick?

First of all it is always a matter of taste, our cakes both are very light and does not put you in a sugar coma after eating a thin slice. But let's see what are the differences that will help you to decide what kind of cake is a perfect cake for you.

Let's start with a Mousse Cake. Unlike Traditional Cake, Mousse Cake has only 30% of an actual cake (sponge) in it. Other components are fillings (usually crunch layer, and creamy or fruity layer) - 20%, and an actual mousse - 50%, covered in a beautiful mirror glaze. This cake will always look very unique, special , elegant and doesn't require complicated decoration elements. Another big advantage is that all the layers and flavors of a mousse cake are very balanced, not overly sweet and have amazing texture.

Let's see it on the pictures below:

Traditional Cake

Traditional cake consists of 50% cake (sponge) and 50% of filling that includes cream and any add-ons like confit, compote, chocolate whipped ganache etc.

We manage to balance all our flavors and textures out in a traditional cake as well, which creates a soft and airy texture and perfect amount of sweetness. We cover our cakes with chocolate ganache and we DO NOT use buttercream.


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