We proudly make our cakes with organic ingredients, fresh fruit purées and European products. We use Whipped Ganache instead of Buttercream for a better taste, texture and quality.

Below we have all our delicious options for your personalized cake with our representative unique flavor.

Variety of our most popular designs along with original flavors created by Oh My Cake. 

millefeuille cake berry design-min.jpg
vintage cake-min.JPG

Mousse cakes is our luxury cake option created for decedent flavor lovers and wow-effect seekers! 

two tier wedding_vday mousse cake-min.jpg
safari mousse cake -min.jpg

Fanciest letter tarts are only at Oh My Cake! Shop variety of our letter/number cakes with customize options! 

man style letter tart-min.jpg
macarons_flower_strawberry tart-min.jpg

Our original recipes for the most wanted dessert in the world. Creamy textures, unique flavors and only high quality ingredients.

creme brulee cheesecake-min.jpg
baklava cheesecake-min.jpg

OG cinnamon buns available for a bulk purchase. Brioche dough with buttery cinnamon mix and a decadent vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 10.39_edited.jpg

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